Help!!! Talking to older guy on facebook! help me?

So, i just recently started talking to a guy on Facebook. Like i added him cos i always spotted him most places i went and he lives like 5 mins away from me. so he accepted and sent me a message saying thanks.. basically i took the beginnings of convo up a notch so as to keep a convo flowing... He told me he was 22 and i'm 16 going on 17 in 2 months but bruhh this dude is honestly like a perfect guy if ever there was one 0.0 anyways i think i'm starting to crush on the guy but we seem to be running out of what to say :( and i don't want to stop talking to him! we've gotten to the stage of being mean to each other in a joking way. we've been talking for a week now... helllppppppp pleeaasseee? How do i keep the convo flowing?


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  • Just keep finding cute things to make fun of him about? haha

    • i'm starting to run out of things lol 0.0 it's so harrrrrdddd :(

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    • yay i feel so pumped haha thank you again :)

    • Yea! You are welcome!

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