Muslim Men... What do you do when dating?

I know Islam is pretty strict about dating and stuff. I heard that you technically can't even touch the girl to put an engagement ring on her finger (nor do they wear rings after marriage?) And can't be alone together etc. Yet I'm curious then, how do you date?

I picture like awkward mom dad son and some girl situation at the dinner table... I'm genuinely interested because I know one Muslim man who is devout, prays daily etc. But he still takes photos with female friends with his arm on their back friendly and all that so I'm curious...


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  • well you ca not relate the two together i guess. are there not Christians who are religious but still engage in sexual activity that are obvious sins?
    and to answer your question from what i know from research; they can touch her if the contract has been written. If so she is legally his wife. They only postpone the sexual acts till after the wedding. She can be his fiance'/wife at the same time.
    And on a date they could talk about various things, enjoy unlimited pleasures... and i wonder what is wrong with people enjoying each other without having to touch and hold hands.
    Actually I think that the tension of wanting to be closer but keeping it for after marriage can help keep the sexual tension long after the first couple of months of marriage.

    • but do they go on dates with their parents present then? even in their 20s?

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    • oh thank you so much for MHO :) :D

    • thank you for your help!

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  • Things Muslims aren't allowed to do as part of Islam
    - listen to music
    - drink alcohol
    - shake hands/make friends unless for deception with the infidel (non believers)
    - have a girlfriend at all
    - have a pet dog or touch (dogs are considered unclean)
    - kill anyone that leaves the religion
    - only men in Islam are allowed to date non Muslims, women are not allowed

    Things Muslims do
    - all the above or one or the other depending on the individual but aren't following the belief.

    My neighbour at university had 3 wife's, prayed daily and considered devout but loved eating sausage rolls and had two pet dogs. He even used to let his kids go to house parties.

    So for a start they're not following it fully if they're dating to begin with. I imagine anything and everything would be permitted depending on the individual

    • You tell for "seriat". It is islamic direction and verybad thing only teror. We not support they. İn the earth have good musliman and have bad musliman country. It is different for country. We have girlfriend, we listen music, we have cristian jewish and other religion friend. We learn in the scool together not problem. But you say bad muslimans. And we say for them "bad". We not like them. All muslimans is not same. All religion has good and bad people.

  • You'd be shocked on how truly liberal it is for westernized individuals.

  • I am musliman. The rule of islam same with cristian rule but islam have more than rule. But this rules not have dristress and grind.
    But, musliman poeople life is like with culturel. How? You see in the iran. How is islam? See in the egypt, see in the suudi and see in the turkey? All islam people is different. Why? Because they cultur is different and this people and all musliman people lives islam with culturel. İn the iran they not have boyfriend or girldfriend and relationship. But in turkey people have relationnship and make sex before marriage not is problem for all people. Only problem is culturel, not is religious. All religion has good and bad rules but all people is different in the earth. (I dont speak good English sorry)

  • All wold are mixing up muslims traditions with indian traditions... come on lets talk about turkey..
    istanbul is a megacity that chosen by european countries and everyone is so modern. Lets look at my city. Im livin in antalya andour girls dress are better than newyork girls. And we have open mind. We have modern life. We have modern appearance.. if there is a wrong. Its U )) bcz all u thinking of that turkey is like indian people. We just have some religion rules. Our religion says that dont get sex when u are not married. Tell me is it bad if our religikn doesn't want us to be slut? Ofc its good. Is it bad to not use drags? Alchol? So we are realmy good in all way ))

    Take care and try to learn people s religiom in their own place not on the internet or from ur friends

    • Having sex doesn't make someone a slut, a slut is someone who has slept with multiple people and has had no feelings towards them aswell as not using protection with any of the men they have slept with, if someone has slept with 2 people and they was in love with them at some point then that doesn't make someone a slut for sleeping with someone they love or care deeply about.

    • she is slut for me if she have sex more than one male ))

  • They don't date

    It's haram

    They just get married without even seeing the face of the woman then keep her in the house


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  • I had a muslim roommate from Algeria. I also had another one from Pakistan that only stayed for a summer.

    Technically, muslims don't date other muslims. Rather they go "spouse hunting."

    The way my Algerian housemate did it, she'd go online to talk to other guys. When she found one she liked, she flew to Algeria to visit him and his family. Then she had an engagement party. The Paki housemate just told her family one day she was interested in getting married. They told her they knew a guy through a family friend that was interested in marriage. She had one conversation on the phone with him. Then they got married.

    However, muslim guys will date non-muslims. Most of the time it's not serious though and he'll end up marrying a muslima.

  • @Mus_MI this ones for you lol

  • same thing all over.. strip club

  • I don't know about those in saudi arabia. Im a muslim and i do mostly everything thats not allowed to do in my religion.

  • Let him jerk it to the sight of your ankle

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