Guys- have you ever liked another girl while in a serious relationship?

With like I mean have a crush on (or even fell in love with). Also, was it a close friend, just a random classmate or something like that? Please answer!!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • No I have not and Its a bad Idea to like two girls at once and it will come around as trouble


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What Guys Said 3

  • Perhaps a crush, but not seriously. Asking for trouble.

  • Married and fell in love with someone else. Makes life a challenge to say the least.

  • It really hurts knowing they can't look at you the way you see them and you can't say or do anything.. I am currently in love with someone in a relationship and I don't think I ever couldn't love them no matter what happens.. This always seems to be my problem heh can't find a single girl I like that likes me back

    • But never fell in love with anyone else while I was in a relationship

What Girls Said 1

  • i don't know if it counds, but i have actually fallen in love with a close friend of mine who's been in a serious relationship from the very beggining and even though i knew, i kinda let myself get lost in him.
    the reason i did that is because he made me understand that he actually wanted me to be more than just a friend to him but nothing could be done because of his girlfriend.
    it sucks really, because he told me that he could have fallen in love with me if we have met in a different time in our lives. still waiting though.