Dear Latinas, do you date with Asian guy?

Hi, I'm an international student who came from South Korea in US university. Since I came to the United States, I really attract to Latinas (I'm not sure I have to use Latinas or Hispanic girls, no offense). I love their pretty smiling, bright personality, and nice body. And since this semester started, I have been crushed by a latin girl whose name is Erika. She isn't the hottest in the university, but she has the pretiest smile which enough to make me love her. Sooooo, my point is do Latinas date with Asian guy? I'm pretty nerver because I never go for non-asian girls to get some attention.

Additionally, I'm not too short 5'10(181cm), not too fat or skinny 160 lbs (71kg), and looking is ummm I can't say good looking, but I can say better than average.


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  • I'm Latina and I think Asian guys are super cute.


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