What to do I'm torn in half about this?

okay, I have been seeing this guy for 3 years and we have 2 beautiful children together.. before the children , me and this guy hung out basically everything a couple would do a little down the road I found out about a girl & that she is pregnant. I was extremely hurt. now here come my pregnancy and I felt so hurt and alone I didn'tknow what to ddo. he kept going back and forths and still till this day he does that. I'm 19 he is 18 & its like I never can really get him too myself. I didn't date no one I've been waiting for him. how he use to treat me, by throwing her in my face I don't know what to do. now he will text simple stuff & I'm falling for it again. like I said I'm madly in love with this guy but is all this worth it


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  • He's 19 and had three kids? You're 18 and have two kids? Oye Vey


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