Growing up not socializing enough?

my mom was really selfish and let us grew up in a remote area with not much people and we lived far from the city without a car so growing up we spend a lot of time at home or school but my mom didn't like a lot of people... im suffering from the effects of it now... i dont know how to behave with people and my sister ended up crazy with delusional ideas... i dont have many friends and im 22 still live at home beause of brokeness... i dont know my talents, never had a bf... what should i do?


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  • Yeah my mum had social phobia so my childhood was rather interesting as well! I think you should move out, try living on your own if you are working and can afford it, if the budget is tight you could try a house share situation. If your mum doesn't like people then it might be nice for you to get away from that and spread your wings a little. Treasure your friends, they will know of some of your difficulties and can help to bring you out of your shell.

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