How do I talk to girls at starbucks?

lately I've been going to starbucks pretty much everyday during my lunch break. and I've noticed that there's often a lot of girls there that i'd be interested in. problem is i have no idea how to talk to women i dont know. weird right? in my whole life I've only asked 3 girls for any type of romantic relationship or something that could lead to it.

1. was in the fifth grade i asked the girl i liked to be my valentine.. chocolate and a red letter and all she accepted and the next day said she wanted to be just friends
2. a bet amongst friends in who could get more numbers using cheesy pick up lines. i got one but she was from out of town. 3. asking my highschool crush out.. she lied and said she had a boyfriend.

the combination of these three events made it very difficult for me to talk to women i dont know. so what should i do? any tips?

UPDATE: hahaha jjodllwedo blocked me for no reason before i could even respond. im not sure if you are incapable of reading or discerning so ill put it simple for you. starbucks is a hangout place believe it or not many people do lounge around there for extended periods of time not everyone is in and out like you. also its impossible for me to go on a "proper date" with someone i haven't met yet right? im asking for advice on how to approach someone not a first date.


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  • I wouldn't recommend this approach, but it worked for a guy who did it to me/us.

    He took out his phone and started pointing it at us. I was oblivious to it, because my back was facing them. My friend however stopped smiling as we talked and told me what he did. I freaked out and asked him if he took pics of us. He said no. I told him to stop it whatever he did. Turned out he was even filming us o_O
    Anyway, point of the story is, do something outrageous and they will start talking to you.

    • hahaha id never do something so creepy. no one seems to have an answer so ill just try making conversation and flop like a flounder.

    • practice makes perfect I guess? try to make conversation by asking questions that cannot be answered with one word.

  • thats probly one of the most unromantic places to try to ask someone out at. You dont go to a coffee place to pick girls up. you go there to get your coffe and then you leave. seriously. id personally be really disgusted if a guy approached me if i went into a starbucks to get some coffee.. try a proper date instead dude.

    • damn thats a little extreme

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    • @jjodllwedo In what situation do you feel it's appropriate for a guy to approach a girl? Only if they already know each other?

    • well seeing now how over sensative ever one have become after my comment. i just wanted to let you know what i meant. I think its weird to go to starkbucks to try and get some cause there's mostly under aged girls hanging around there. and even if you took a date there it would be fucking strange. just saying. you look like a peddo.

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