I'm worried I'm not good enough for my female colleague, should I take the plunge?

There is a lady at my workplace that I'm interested in. We work together on the same project, and although she hasn't shown any interest in me yet, we have flirted lightly and she seems okay with it.

But she's really sociable, dependable and smart. I'm naturally reserved, not quite the talker to be honest. So I'm not sure if I'm good enough for her, and whether I should take the plunge to ask her out?

Do I need to check if she's interested before asking? Getting nervous again haha.. I'm planning to ask her over text, because our colleagues are always around haha
I asked her out.
Initially she seemed fine with it, but later she realised what I actually meant (even though I wrote "I would like to ask you out for lunch and movie"). So she apologised for the confusion and misleading she caused and said she wasn't interested in a RL with anyone at this point in her life.

Oh wells. One less regret in my life I suppose. :(


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  • go for it, you'll never know what will happen if you do nothing. just ask her out but don't make a big deal out of it.


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  • Never let anything tell you you're not good enough or don't deserve who you want. Go for it. Just don't feel bad if it doesn't work out, okay? Chin up buttercup, good luck.

    • Thanks for the encouragement!

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    • Asking will show if she's interested, just cut to the chase and be a gentlemen

    • icic... okay will "Cut to the chase". lol.

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  • If she's a social beast and you're quite and reserved I don't know how compatible you two are. I wouldn't suggest doing it over text as it screams a lack of confidence in your part.

    • She's not a social beast, she's actually quite a sweet and pleasant girl. But she is one of the leaders of a youth community camp near her area and I'm like wow okay.