If a guy doesn't mind not meeting you for a while?

Maybe he worded it wrong, I don't know, but as we were planning the next date today he said that he would meet me on Sundays (which is the only day we both have free) or weekdays if I wanted. I said I can only meet again after two weeks since stuff came up next Sunday and he replies that it's okay, he doesn't mind not meeting up every week or that often? But he will make time for me if I want to?

I'm not sure if he's being too considerate of my busy schedule or if he's really that okay with not seeing me much :/
Something like "we talk everyday so it's okay if we don't meet up that often".
I'm a bit saddened by that even though he's clearly going out of his way to show interest and always asks me on dates. But everything is new, we're both shy and taking things slowly and nothing really happened so far... So I'm wondering what can he be thinking?
Or am I worrying too much?


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  • You could try your best to give him more time but currently, everything seems to be very okay. I think he's a very good guy. Don't worry that much.
    Best of luck for your relationship :)

    • Thank you, I also think he's a very good guy :)
      But now that I'm under the impression that I'm the only one wanting to meet up more often, I'm not sure if I should try my best to giving him more time or actually the opposite...

    • I mean, he's a good guy, but maybe he doesn't like me that much, that kinda feeling...

    • I think he's not expecting that much attention and that's why he's not calling you. That's why I mentioned "You could try your best to give him more time". Once you guys will become more open/familiar to each other, these things will be eliminated and everything will become smooth.

      You're welcome and good luck :)

  • What? So your upset because he's not upset you won't see him more because you are too busy? 😳

    • I worry that maybe he doesn't wanna meet up more often because he doesn't really cares that much about me or doesn't miss me.
      It's a good thing he's not upset because there ain't much we can do about that, but the way he phrases it "it's okay, I don't really mind if we don't see each other that often" makes me think that meeting up or not meeting up is pretty much the same thing... I guess it sounds silly.

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    • If you hide in the negative you will only experience the negative. If you set your fear aside, see what happens, and if you do get rejected you are still welcome to feel like shit, like the rest of us, like you already did if you are consumed by fear, but you are open to the possibility of something good happening.
      So be open to things and learn to manage fear so you are open to life. Often the best things in life evoke fear at first. Not because horrible things ARE happening but because they MAY happen. They also may not, and if they don't you win.

    • When it comes to people offering you things, people don't offer things they arn't happy with you accepting. It is not a test to see if you will accept them- they want you too. Don't get hung up on their intentions. Accepting something is ok. Taking advantage of kindness is not. You know this I'm sure. If he is happy taking you out once in a while let him. Don't deny him that happyness. To be sure you arn't taking advantage- make it clear that you will only agree to it if he is happy with it.
      You can repay his kindness once in a while with something simple you can do. A home cooked meal, batch of cookies, help him with something- whatever.
      You can also suggest dates occasionally that are cheep. Those are always better than fancy meals and movies anyday. Go for a walk by the creek, park, wherever. Go have a picnic with a couple of sandwiches. Whatever. It's not what you are doing that's important- it's experiances you have and time together.

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