So did we friendzone each other?

So I've been hanging out with this guy that is my perfect connection we get along so well and we'll we started off flirting and then I realized I really considered him date able I mean he was cute now he's practically perfect. However when I brought up feelings I got mixed signals he asked my why I had friendzoned him which he did to me by saying we were besties... then he said he'd hate to ruin our friendship but he wasn't ready and also said it could happen. Then on top of all that he said i was a little young for him... seriously? We haven't really talked about it since and I'm seriously confused on the topic.

It was accident because 1 I didn't know he was into me and 2 we both automatically assumed or at least I think we did that we were friends


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  • He probably did it to you because you were doing it to him or you probably did it to him because you thought he was doing it to you. Its all a big clusterfuck

  • This is not something done by accident.


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