What does this mean?

My boyfriends mom says blood is thicker than wate what does that mean?


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  • Family comes first, family should be more important or hold a higher priority. Being a blood relative/family member is more important than friends or SO.

    • What about when you know you are going to marry your so? And you are both adults who have been together for 4 years and you are looking to start your own life with them? Some people are closer to their so. Generally I wouldn't put a serious so in the same category as just a friend they are more family to me

    • Yes, you are right. If someone is that tight with their SO and their relationship is very developed then yes they should be considered family. Unfortunately comments like "blood thicker than water" are said by blood family members that are rude and inconsiderate and/or disapprove of their family members SO and will never see them as "family" no matter what.

      I hope nothing was said by his mom to make you feel like you are not part of the family. This is vibe I am starting to get here.

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  • It's true lol, considering the divorce rate in the U. S.

    More and more, marriage seems just like 2 best friends living together. And when people get older, more and more like a business transaction.

    Have you ever seen how detailed the pre-nuptial agreement is, between 2 people with established careers / businesses?

    • So ya she means family comes first, and it's always true. Because you can be lovers one day, and worst enemies the next.

    • I wouldn't say its always true it varies from person to person. Maybe the reason relationships don't work out is because their partner treats them second best to their family. Also I know plenty of people who don't talk to their blood relatives any more either

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  • Was she talking to you? Means she doesn't like you