My flirt / dating girl might lose interest in me or I'am overreacting?


I have been kinda "dating" this girl since December, I doesn't know her yet, but the plan was that I'm going to visit her at summer around July.

But recently she started to stop writing hearts and kiss smileys, it is really weird for me.

We have been fighting a few times in January and February , not that much in January and there have been a few in February ..

When I'm writing "I love you", sometimes she writes "I love you too".. But it have been really rarely since this week.. But when I'm talking with her on the computer before we're going to bed I'm saying " Goodnight dear, I love you"
She has no problems with saying I love you too, when we're on the computer.

There was one thing yesterday before going to bed, when i said i loved her there was like 5-10 seconds silence before she said " I love you too "

Is there something to be worried about or I'am overreacting a bit?

Looking forward to her some answers :(


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What Girls Said 1

  • 5-10 second silence? Are you kidding me?

    • I'm not sure 5-10 secs, but it was a few seconds.

      Might be because she was exhausted, she went to lay on her bed for few mins and then she came back. it was around 2am.

What Guys Said 1

  • ... Small talk, wait til you see her in real then you can start the worrying.