Would it annoy you if your significant other commented on the attractiveness of other people?

If my girlfriend sees someone of either sex (she's bi) that is attractive, she'll haaaave to tell me or anyone how hot that person is. Is it wrong of me to be annoyed? Yeah, I think other people are attractive but I don't care 'cause I'm in love with her and their looks are irrelevant to me... plus I definitely wouldn't comment on their looks 'cause I feel like it would be disrespectful to my girlfriend since it could possibly make her feel insecure like it does me, but obviously she doesn't feel the same way. She even went up to a guy as her and I were leaving a bar and told him she thought he was hot. She sometimes reblog pictures of guys who she thinks is hot on tumblr like she did this morning of a kid with his dog and then the two of them nine years later which she tagged #wow #hegothot #hello

Am I justified here for being annoyed by this? If not, why? Do you or your significant other do it?

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  • I would be annoyed if he commented about someone in person. A celebrity or someone on t. v? Then nah :P I don't care. You're not being sensitive and you have the right to be upset.

    • I don't care about celebrities or movie stars or whatever. She'll never even meet them... but she does it in person all the time to people all around us. It just makes me feel unattractive... like she would rather be with them or something...

    • I don't think she would rather be with them. She just thinks they are hot, nothing special but it still hurts, ya know? That's not right what she is doing unless you do it too and you're okay with it.

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  • It wouldn't bother me because I understand I'm not that hot. But it would make me a little self conscious

  • I do that all the time do girls and guys and I'm not even bi.


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