Isn't it selfish for someone to break up with you and keep a friendship bland clearly visible connection with you?

My ex broke up with me three months ago and in the past month I thought I was over him but I'm craving him again now.

he broke up with me due to the distance but I've moved closer now. Like an hour away and last week he told me that back when we broke up he may have used the distance as an excuse cause right now he doesn't know why he broke up with me. and he regretted it then and still regrets it now.

he still hasn't acted on that regret by asking for me back. And I so badly want him to now. A week ago I thought I was so over him and bored even... But I want him back.

so isn't it selfish of him to talk to me everyday knowing how I feel? And how do I put him behind me?

* friendship and*


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  • He sounds confused to feelings mk u do selfish things at times not realising how anyone else may feel all he knows is he wants to talk to you and he does it i doubt his aware

    • I've tried doing the no contact thing cause I just think that someone either wants you or they don't. Am I wrong?

    • You would think that but people play silly games at times