In this situation, should I ask him out?

I hooked up with this guy (no sex). And I had texted him the next day saying I had fun, he said he did too, we talked for a bit then it was done.

then a few days later he added me on snapchat. So I snapped him the next day, and we talked on that too.

Then over break I texted him and asked him how his break was going. We talked for a bit there too.

I'm Sort of wondering three things.

1. Is he into me?
2. Do you think I initiated contact too much?
3. Should I text him again and ask if he wanted to hang out?
(I don't want him to think all I want is another hook up, I never have done that before so I don't really know how to act after)


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  • Then if you hang out don't hook up. Or if you do let him know how you feel first. Make it clear what you want before you hook up so he can decide if he wants that too.


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  • Possibly
    And yes ask him out :)

  • Only if you don't make duck faces in snapchat


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  • Ask during convo if he would like to do something together go out to eat or c a movie

    • You don't think I've been initiating the contact too much? He's replied, and he honestly doesn't have to reply if he's not interested... I don't really know

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