So I meet this girl at a bar in another town but now I found out she goes to school where I live?

so I meet her a couple months ago at a country bar I go to that in another city an hour away and seen her a few times since and have casually talked to her a few times and really attracted to her but didn't know that much about her.

anyways I talked to her again last night and found out she's going to school here where I live , there is this small campus in town and she goes there. I had no idea she went there cause I don't really know any of the people who go there or any connections to the campus.

this is all a total surprise to me and somewhat frustrating to know she was here the whole time and I just never ran into her. I'm not really sure what her plans are or if she's done in april?
now I don't know if I should try and run into her? or try and hang out with her around here or even what her schedule is like or if she's be interested. Its weird i feel frustrated but then see this potential to maybe get closer to her if she's around the area but we've only hung out at bar so far and sense she doesn't feel we really know each other yet


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  • Wow that's a cool story. Small world huh


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