Trend in her attitude.

I was dating a nice and beautiful woman, who was really interested in me at start.

We met a few times and probably I lost her interest. (You all know that story about the nice guys, and their usual fate in relationships, don't You?)

So she left me, after a date, last time eager to meet some other friends and that made me very cautious. Before that she usually was much more interested in staying with me than leaving for home.

From that point I could say that I suspended all our relationship, waiting for her show any signs of interest if she have left any.

She texted a message after a few days asking what was wrong. (I was silent after she left. And very angry) She did it at the night and that caught me "unprepared", so I told honestly, that I feel bad and miss her.

Few times she managed to pull out the same trick and in general I am a honest person. So she knows pretty much that I am still missing her, but as I notice that her interest has lost any passion then I am not pushing for anything. I just don't want to date a woman who is not interested in me.

So. A month or more have passed after that time and I still notice her coming online in skype. We have had a few conversations. Nothing intimate - mostly just friendly stuff.

But I notice the coldness in her attitude more and more. At this time I just send her a polite greeting as a friend. She does answer but she even does not send a good by message before she eventually signs off.

OK. A good mannered people do not do that way, I presume, and I think I should just finish that, but here comes problem.

I am not sure I have to initiate any conversation with her and start to explain things and accuse her of anything, because this just sounds simply stupid and childish.

But on the other side - my polite friendliness seems to irritate her more and more.

On the third side - If I act impolite myself and ignore that she have came online, I start to feel bad myself, because well - we had been a very close a few times and she was like a my woman, and I thought I should care of her and be nice.

Long story short - I got the feeling that I am doing something wrong but I just don't know how what to do.

The only excuse she might have is that she is really busy with studies or some other job, but this happens much too often and have turned in to some kind of trend in her attitude.

And Yes - we have some kind of long distance relationship - she lives in other city and we technically can't meet that often as we (I?) might want.


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  • Hi, Don't you just hate text messages? When she texted "what's wrong" you should have wrote "I will call you and we can talk." But, it's too late for that. So, next time you chat online, can you send a note asking her out? She may be wondering the same thing you are...if you are interested in her. If she wants to get together than you know she is interested. Don't write anything intimiate or write about explanations, etc...just ask her if she would like to go out for a bite to eat and make sure you put in your note the day. I guess I'm trying to say, don't ask if she would like to go out "sometime."


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