Did you like the person you are dating or were dating straight away or did you like them later on?

When you started dating the person you're dating how was the "intensity level" of the relationship? Im talking about were you really into eacother, like a lot of flirting and touching when you first met that person? Or was it more like the attraction grew more and more as you got to know eacother? Or was it like you kinda liked them or/and you didn't really like that person (didnt consider dating them) but you learned to know that person and now you're dating them because you later found out you matched eacother?


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  • In the beginning with my ex, we started off slow but once we learned more about eachother wr couldn't be away from each other without missing our company


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  • Science has shown that the average guy needs 3 dates before they like someone.

    For girls the average is at 14 dates

    • Bitches be cold, I call bs on that study though, wouldn't call it 'science' either. Most girls I've talked to 'like' a guy and have him picked out right away mostly based on his looks, half of them dont even seem to mind his personality is beyond shit/offputting. Maybe if it's a completely random guy it would take a few more dates..

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