Meeting someone online?

So... I am thinking about maybe meeting someone online and then going on a date. I have always been curious about it, but never really gave it a thought until now. Would you or have you met someone online?

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  • The girl I'm talking to now yes definitely


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  • I've met and gone on a few dates from dating sites. I usually just chat with them for a couple weeks before suggesting we meet for a coffee or lunch.
    Nothing worked out beyond a few dates. But that's OK.


What Girls Said 2

  • Met lots of nice guys. One lasted four months but dissolved into a friends with benefits thing, but I have hopes for the last one. Two months tomorrow, we'll see. If not, I wouldn't hesitate to reactivate my accounts and try again.

  • I clicked yes before I had time to say I have! My boyfriend and I met online (on Tinder actually) and we've been together for a year now

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