I have a date tomorrow, and I haven't been on one since I was 22 years old. Is this too much?

Do you think this is going overboard? We are going to meet at Starbucks. I know she likes cheesecake, so I went to Cheesecake Factory today and bought a big, delicious piece. She's a little health-conscious, but I think it'll be ok.

I also ordered the card game Go Fish from Amazon, and I plan on whipping it out at the date. I think that's funny. :) I also have a package of Ice Breakers mints that I think might go well after a Starbucks beverage and some delicious cheesecake.

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I also went out today and got a haircut. I look marvelous. It's awesome.


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  • At least she'll appreciate your zeal.


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  • Maybe too much, no offence, you should let the date run smoothly, the card game is sort of out of nowhere, but if she's the type of girl you think that'd like to play Go Fish out in public than go for it, why not? Good luck!

    • You are 14.

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    • Ok, so is it the cake or the cards?

    • The cake sounds sweet and awesome, she'd be happy that you took your time to consider what she likes and actually got her something. It's just the cards, but it's your choice really. Go with what you think is right.

  • That's really sweet! Sounds like a good date have fun :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Too much. Go out to eat and then ask her to watch netflix after. It's 2015

    • Wow, I would definitely assume Netflix would be too much for a first date!!! That means we'd have to travel to a non-neutral location! Ok, you know what? Forget it. I can make my own decisions.

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