Im 15 years old sleeping over my boyfriends house?

im sleeping over my boyfriends house and my parents think its my friends house. Do you think anything will go wrong like ways she would find out? he's picking me up and driving me home.


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  • U shouldn't have a boyfriend that can drive if ur only 15.

    Does your parents know your boyfriend is 18 or older

    Im not a prude. You shouldn't be afraid to talk to your parents about sex or your boyfriend.

    If you have to hide it then you probably shouldn't be doing it


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  • If your friends parents are friends with your parents, then I see this going badly. If not, I don't see a whole lot of ways that they would find out, but that doesn't mean lying to them is a good idea.

    • there not friends

    • Even if they aren't, I hate lying to people because it always seems to come back and bite me in the butt later.

  • Honesty is the best policy, and your parents knows what is right for you. That is the reason why you are hiding it, because if you confronted them about that, you know what would be their response. Be honest with yourself, what if you get hurt? Or something terrible happens because you are constantly living in lies to please someone. At the end of the day, your concious will burn you deeper and deeper soon. All lies comes out in the light, you guys can be even 3years strong and you haven't got caught. You don't know what tomorrow brings, so you cannot expect everyday to be sunshiny day. Be wise and make the right choices.

    • You probably don't have to tell your parents, but the thought of you lying, makes the situation even more tense. Do what's right, it isn't okay.. And imagine loosing all of your parents trust because of a silly mistake like this, they will find out. It's best for you to quit the wrongs and start doing what's right. Because the road you are heading doesn't seem bright, and if you know it will bite you in butt? Why do it continuously if you know sooner or later you will serve the consequences. Think before you do, we will all make mistakes that we can fall down and get up from. But loosing your parents trust is a mistake that won't be erased.

    • If sleeping over you're boyfriends house is the only way to prove your love to him, think about it? Does he really love you? You guys aren't married and don't need to be in specific contact in that way, love from a distance if that guarantees the Love you guys have for each other. But don't put yourself in a certain position for a boyfriends that's most likely temporary. At the end of the day, he wouldn't get in trouble, you would , so there isn't any risks he's taking. Are you even comfortable sleep at night, thinking about how you are constantly lying to your parents? No harm no rudeness towards you, but I just have to be blunt about this. It isn't right, and change for your own good.