Feedback from this "date"? If it really was even a date?

Basically, I met a cute guy at school a few weeks back. We started texting every once and a while, found out we had a lot in common.
We decided to go play airsoft the other day since we were both stuck at school during the first day of spring break and both enjoy it. At first it was awkward, since it was our first time actually being totally alone together (always in groups before) I have never gotten the vibe that he is very talkative/nice, but rather standoffish and kind of cocky. However, some of his true colors started shining through. He was dancing and cracking jokes, something I hadn't seen in our group experiences. He even was kind of flirty, pushing me over and stuff as a joke.
Then, we took a break and started talking a lot. And then he called me super weird. In a rude way. I felt defeated.
The rest of the day everything went back to being flirty. When the taxi dropped him off first at campus, he basically ran out of it, just said have a good break and that was it.
I don't know if that was a date or not. Both of us paid for ourselves, fyi. And overall, I'm totally confused if he even likes me or not because of his weird behavior. I'm used to guys picking on me in a flirty way, but he didn't come off as that. Along with it, I texted him the next day saying thanks for a good day... no answer.
I know its break, but what?


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  • definitely seem like it wasn't a date. It looks like to him you guys were just hanging out


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