Girly? Casual? Tom boy?

Do you like girls that wears designer hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, and sometimes bows, cute hairstyles, skirts?
But doesn't really act super girly and like those obnoxious popular girls.

  • I like casual with sometimes girly
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  • I like girly
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  • I like tomboy
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  • Other, explain
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  • I always find a girl in one of those not really dark/dungy old hoodies, but the red/green whatever ones with white cords really cute.
    Uggs too haha.
    But girls in yoga pants with a decent ass always look good to me so.
    Casual/girly I guess, I dont know the tomboy look but I went on a date with a tomboyish girl and it was horrendous.


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  • its kinda hard to explain. some combination of all of those. I think she should be like 75% casual, and 25% girly, 25% tomboy if that makes sense. I want a girl thats able to be comfortable around me all the time, yet still has her girly side, and doesn't mind going fishing for example, if that doesn't make sense, just shoot me a question

  • I like a girl who is comfortable enough with herself to be casual, be girly, or tomboyish.

  • I like a more casual girl, not one that is all girly. a little bit of girly I like but I want someone to get what I am saying, not just gossip about everyone.


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