Has anyone noticed that the guy's who cheat on their girlfriends always have someone but guy's who struggle are lucky to get a date?

My friend had a girlfriend who was loyal and caring and they were together for 5 years. They got married and had a kid shortly after but during those 5 years he constantly cheated on her and he admitted to me that he purposely made her cry. Right after they married he dumped her for another girl and this was while she was pregnant for another girl. But what I noticed and someone told me this at a bar that guy's can cheat and still have a good relationship. Now I have never cheated on my previous girlfriends but I know if I was with someone I loved then I would remain loyal. So based on this observation it's I either know shitty people or that is just the way it is.


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  • I think there is a difference between actually having a commited relationship and cheating lol these guys that cheat aren't actually serious about any girl therefore they don't even consider what they have as "relationships", these guys just know what a girl wants, what anyone wants, so they pretend to be all honest, nice, charming, they know what to say, they know when to do things, they know not to take things ubber fast and ask a girl out right away, they know that girls like foreplay before actually being asked out, too bad they don't use their amazing skills for good intentions though...

    I think suppsoed "good guys" lack observation skills and the ability to be more understanding and paitent because they keep comparing themselves to other guys, plus they keep trying to nab a girl asap which results in them skipping the foreplay and going straight for the prize lol but girls flirt slightly different to guys, we can't go straight in like that... we aren't willing to rush into anything any time soon, or ever lol, we do it to protect ourselves, it's just in our nature, not something we can help, we are the ones who carry the child when you get us pregnant so we preserve ourselves and only give ourselves to the best catche possible really is who he says he is, our instincts just sub-conciously make us act this way.

    I mean us girls observe guys and try to learn what their behaviors mean, not to talk to a guy, how they deal with things etc... but it seems very little guys do the same for us... so it's a dilema lol, learn to understand by nature women aren't as aggresuve as males, they are more shy therefore why women life the foreplay for a while before being asked out. Too many people also put a time limit on a relationship but you have to understand there is no time limit to getting to know someone if your actually serious about it.

    • Most of the guy's I know who were in serious relationships with loyal girls who cheated and believe me it wasn't like these girls weren't sexually satisfying their men, I think apart of it is that guy's who are taken tend to be more desired and guy's get greedy and aren't satisfied with one pretty girl...

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    • You are very understanding.

    • No probs :) i hope you find the right girl for you, well... not hope... i know you will :) there is someone out there for all of us.

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  • Oftentimes, the reason that cheaters always have somebody is because they are comfortable with lying and manipulating. They make themselves look like "the perfect guy", and that is used to fool the victim. Since you don't cheat, you probably tell the truth more often than not, and so, in the eye of the girl, you don't seem to have all the "good" traits that the cheater has. Once you find a girl that has matured enough to realize you are a good man, and that you value honesty, they will trust you more than anyone, all the way to the ends of the earth.

  • It just means the guys that cheat have a lot of options. The guys that can't find a date have no options.

  • I've noticed it. It really kinda sucks