I lost a girls phone number.. Then found it. Do I call or is it to late?

Okay so there's this girl who I work with, she gave me her number months ago I texted everything was cool, then I got a new phone she gave me her number again. the other day I told her I got a new phone and needed her number again. She never gave it to me? The only difference is this time Im actually interested. Should I text her or is it to late?


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  • I guess she got tired of giving you her number. Do you always have to ask all of your contacts to give you their number again when you change your phone?

    Why do you need to text her anyway if you work with her? Just ask her out dude!

  • To late dude!! I guess you could just talk to her at work but you never know there could be another guy now.

    • She had a bf then that why I wasn't to into her. She single NOW

    • Then tell her that! Girls like honesty, well at least I do.

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