What kind of a guy would you prefer as a friend?

What kind of a guy would be a perfect friend in your opinion a kinda best friend and what would you expect from him?


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  • he'd be kind, want to hang out when ever i want to, we'd easily be able to talk about everything and just be cool with each other presence, a friend that i know will always be by my side even when some of my friends might not be, he'd stand up for me and almost be like a brother/friend

  • Funny, sweet, cool, and will always kinda play around and joke a lot. Always will be there when you are unhappy. I have found out that guys are better friends than girls sometimes because their not as stuck up and into themselves and fake. I love that part the most:) I hope this helped

    • Yeahh people of opposite sex tend to be good friends
      And thanks it's helpful :)

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