Am I over-thinking this?

So i met a guy on pof. com just under two months ago, and we clicked straight away. We have been on over 10 dates and have stayed at each others houses for the past 5 weekends. I have met his mum, brothers and all of his friends and he has met my mum & is meeting the rest of my immediate family and my close friends this weekend. He even took me out to watch a band play with all of his friends this weekend just gone. We always talk about how similar we are and how glad we are to have met one another, we've also not gone one day without talking to each other since we met. & also yes we have had sex.
Anyway, i checked tonight to see whether his profile is still active & when i checked it said online now. It really hurt to see the online status since things are going so well. I just want someones opinion on what it means, whether im over-thinking it or not & whether im investing feelings into someone who may not actually be reciprocating them
Thanks in advance


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  • Everything you say sounds like he really likes you guys don't introduce just anyone to their friends and especially their family. You say you checked his profile to see if it was active and now you have seen it active and online which has made your head run a million miles an hr because you really like this guy and us women are slightly crazy when it comes to love and our precious heart but you know how the saying goes curiosity killed the cat. My advice is concentrate on what is happening between the two of you now it is still early days but if you say your feelings are mutual bring up with him in general conversation what he is going to do with his profile now and maybe say you are going to deactivate yours. Also I think sometimes when a guy is falling for someone they have to make sure you are the one they really want I'm not saying he is pursuing other women but more seeing what else is on offer but you shouldn't take offense to that because from what you say he is into you. Loving someone is a risk you have to take In life if you don't put your heart on the line you will never grow personally is how you find out what love really is and what you want from a relationship. Goodluck i hope i have helped

    • Thank you, I'll definitely take your advice and just bring it up in general conversation! it's nice to see someone else's perspective. Thanks again !

    • Glad to help :)

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  • So are you afraid he might be just playing you?

    • I am a little worried of that, yes. What worries me is that he says he's going to sleep but I just looked again and he is online right now.

    • Well i suggest asking him what's going on.. you may think this won't help you.. but.. if you feel this guy can be trusted.. and you can surrender your heart for him.. simply ask him why you found him that moment online... a lot events like this will happen with the two of you in the future.. you have to trust him..

  • oh ghosh online dating is so stupid can't girls just go out, meet new people. For me over internet is no go.


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