I'm the only single girl in my whole group. Wanting a boyfriend is the only thing I can think about lately!!! Help?

All four of my closest friends have found that one guy that fell in love with them and I honestly am starting think I'm unloveable.

I've had a crush on my friend for over six months and he will flirt with me and call me hot and pretty and initiate conversations with me but won't ever ask me out or be affectionate. What is wrong with me?

Guys look at me from a distance and never approach me or ask me out?


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  • you need to stop[ waiting for things to happen and go make them happen

    • One guy called me hot and asked for my number after a concert and never called me.
      For the first time I got the confidence to give a guy my number two days ago and he hasn't called so fml

    • Yeah that can suck alright. Guess you need to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze lol.

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  • mmm, its hard to say but maybe you too shy?
    You haven't given too much info about yourself but I'm guessing you may have some confidence issues?
    Perhaps if you interact with more people you will find a good guy for yourself.
    You can also ask your friends boyfriends to set you up with someone because you haven't had a chance to meet many guys.

    • I do have self esteem issues from bullying and a constant struggle with depression/anxiety.

      But all my guy friends will call me hot and compliment me and guys will look at me and make eye contact in public yet no one cares enough to bother approaching? Do I deter guys?

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    • Believe me I'm trying to tell myself that but it's feeling a lot more like I'm gonna die alone than anything else.

    • Unless a piano falls on your head in the next couple of days I'm pretty sure you're not dying any time soon. Not to mention alone. I know what it's like. Trust me. One day you'll realize you miss all the free time you have right now :)

  • Okay I'm single too 😁 n you'll get a bf soon just love yourself 😊 n this 💐 is for u

    • Hahahaha those virtual flowers are the only flowers I've ever gotten so thank you

    • I can give you real ones when we'll hook up😊

  • Maybe u just don't give the signs to the guys u talk to...


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  • I'm in the same boat as you. Remember that you always have your cats to be there for you. :)

    • HAHAHAHA you make me laugh. I love cats though not gonna lie. Dogs are annoying as shit