Why didn't he text me last night like he usually does?

My bf went to Winnipeg Canada with his dad and his friends. They stayed at a hotel that is hooked to the casino. Around 1 yesterday he said he was going to shut his phone off cuz it was almost dead. He usually will text me good night love u but he never did last Night, I text him at 12 and 2 and he didn't reply, so I cslled him and he said he was sleeping and that he left his phone up in the room to charge. I asked when, He got back up there and he said 11 1130. But if he really did why didn't he text me?


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  • Don't over analyze this too much. He probably was just tired and fell asleep. Remember guys love their space, and if you are going to nag him about not texting you he will lose interest. Just give him his space to have a good time.

    • i agree with what this girl said.

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    • Is that a legit answer or just an excuse

    • I don't think it's an excuse, maybe he really did not want to wake you. Just tell him that you wouldn't mind if he text you in the middle of the night, you just want to know he's okay.

  • Maybe he was tired. He's on vacation having a good time.

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