Should I give her space or?

I went out with this girl and we hit it off big time. Great conversations and mutual attraction. She is very honest with me and told me she broke up with her ex a few months ago and thought she was ready to date again. However she doesn't believe she's ready yet. I told her that's ok if rather you be comfortable with me and I can respect what you said. So should I give her space or try to talk to her here and there so I'm still on her mind? Is there a balance? Lol


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  • Yeah give her more space, because it'll take more time to fall, to be ready for you. So sometimes just make some signals and I for example I would make date on Friday and then I would text her, oh sorry I can't came, because I need to go blah blah.

    Make her little chase you and don't text her way too much, good luck!