Is it weird I don't find travelling appealing, but so many girls on dating sites do?

The girls in my area seem to have a fondness for travelling. Their profiles all read, love food and travelling.

And I'm here scratching my head, thinking, "I don't really like travelling... it's so much of a hassle! Maybe like once every few years or something, maybe".

Unfortunately their preference makes me really incompatible with them. And those girls that don't have travelling as their description? They're either sporty or literature experts. (I'm exaggerating haha, but yeah).

So what exactly do girls think of a guy who doesn't like to travel? Do you think it's a dealbreaker if you like travelling but the guy doesn't?


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  • My biggest pet peeve when reading profiles... every single guy liked to "travel" and of course, "work out.". Guys were writing that crap that looked like the only " traveling" they did was to McDonald's to " work out" their jaw muscles on Big Macs.

    I think it really is what people are expected to write half the time. If that is the only thing holding you back from contact, do it anyway. The "traveling" conversation rarely came up with those who wrote it. I think half the time it is an attention seeking phrase.

    I love home, too :)

    • lol, good to know. But then again, wouldn't that make them pretentious or, to give the benefit of the doubt, trying to hard to be someone they're not? I mean, if they wrote they enjoyed travelling but it isn't really their most desired thing in the world.

      But yeah, I guess if the profile does hint at another world beyond just "loving to travel", then I suppose you're right, I should give it a try haha.

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  • Not everyone likes to travel. Personally traveling is a big thing for me, I like the sense of adventure. I travel somewhere at least once a year.

    It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, unless the guy started telling me I wasn't allowed to travel places just because he doesn't like traveling places.

    • That would be way too controlling haha. I'm okay with travelling if I'm not the one planning it and it doesn't involve huge expenses. It's the planning that drives me crazy. People have said to just wring it but I'll feel absolutely bored wandering aimlessly without anything to expect. haha.

  • You'll sewm boring to someone that does. It's not weird, people like to be comfortable in their own homes etc. Find someone like you.


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  • yeah im not into much hype about travelling either, sure there are places I wanna visit but its not priority one. a lot of girls seem to LOOOVE travelling, don't know why lol. "see the world" is so cliché

    • Exactly! Long weekend? Travel! Holidays? Travel! Nothing on? Obligatory travel!

      I'm like, I just want to sit down and watch some movies thank you very much. If I was curious about someplace I'll go watch a documentary. ;)