Are we going back to normal? (This is kind of a long story, I will sum it up as best as I can)?

So... This older gentleman and I have been working together for a few years, after about two years of flirting and teasing each other, I finally asked him out. It's been a little over a year now, we go hiking, camping, go to music festivals, and what not together, we talk to each other everyday if possible, if we don't see each other, we leave notes on each others car just to say hey. Around Christmas break, this all changed, he called me everyday we had off, I wrote a joke and left it on his car... My joke was "if I didn't know any better, I would say you missed me." After that, everything changed... He stopped calling me, leaving me notes, would only say hi, how are you, he was much sorter with me... A few weeks ago, he started coming around again, chatting a lot more, and kind of like it used to be, he also started calling me again just to say hey, still no notes or goodie bags on my car. Now, my question is, is he coming back around again? Was my joke bad? What was so wrong with what I had said?


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  • It wasn't the joke. Something was going on in his life. Ask him what was happening in his life during the time he was distant.

    • I did. He explained that he was developing feelings for me and that comment really upset him. To me it was a joke, I have since stopped joking about things like that. Could he be coming around again?

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    • I'm just concerned for you that maybe to him you're his fling on the side that he can't take public.

    • That's ok with me. I don't want to date him, just chat and do stuff together

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