What are signs my bf doesn't like me no more, or lost interest in me?

I just need help/advise on what to tell or ask my bf when he is around me. If he lost interest, if he likes someone else, etc.


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  • What specifically has you worried?

    • Like before he texted me in the morning, or even he demonstrates me that he doesn't care for me no more. Like he is more ignorant with me... He doesn't call me bae that much, or doesn't do sweet things like before... etc..

    • Ah, sweetie. Welcome to "the honeymoon is over!". At the beginning these guys are trying to win you over; the gifts, texts, sweet nothings...

      Then, they have you. It will all slow down drastically. It is impossible for him to maintain these levels indefinitely.

      Can I offer you a very simple piece of advice? Don't ask him. Don't question him. Take a deep breath and know that this is relationship reality, not the end:). He is being himself now, and he isn't bothering to sugar coat his personality any more as he is comfortable with you. Yeah, under that romantic pre-game they can be real pains in the butt :)

      Carry on with things as if it doesn't bother you. Hint that you would like this or that or you miss his good morning texts, but don't let him see you are feeling insecure about his level of interest.

      Wish I could tell you it gets better as you get older but I am facing the exact same issue now, lol. It is a tough stage of a relationship. Stay confident and it all works out.