Is this true? Do guys think like that?

Is he is 22 and she's 18, he's friends with her sister. He wouldn't like anyone to know he is into to her, the young sister of his friend?
she is a High school senior but he is a senior at university.
He seems so into to me but my friends say maybe he doesn't want to be seen with me yet. I had a fight with him and asked him not to talk to me, he never did but when i started the conversation he was so nice and said sorry so many times and even asked to talk again like we used to cause he misses me. But im always the one who makes the move! Why is that? Maybe he doesn't like me at all?



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  • Do guys think like... what?

    • Sorry if i wasn't clear. Cause im the younger sister and still in school so he wouldn't want to be seen with me as more than friends?

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    • No he doesn't

    • He may be keeping it a secret because he thinks it will jeopardize his relationship with your sister. Most people are careful about hooking up with siblings of friends.

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  • I hear an Avril Lavigne song in here some where.


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  • If He's at uni there are loads of girls there. If he is really interested in you wait and see if he makes the first move. You could be a distraction/that girl at home or he could like you. Let him start conversations.

    • So here's the deal. He talks everyday and doesn't like me to talk the conversation bec he knows i hate that. He sends me spontaneous i love yous. He just so nice. But if we fight and its like he doesn't even care to make the move. He'd ask my sister about me and how im doing but he won't come and talk with me.. It has to be me who talks so he'd say sorry and then yeah that's all

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    • Yeah! If he wants you he'll let you know, don't get messed about! And make sure you talk to him for the right reasons not just because he's an older guy paying you attention.

    • I never think about him that way, i have a lot of older friends and i even hang out with my sister and her friends cause i like the older company so i've been clingy or fancying him just for the idea that he is older than me

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