What does a guy mean when he says he doesn't want a girlfriend right now but he would date you and that he's thought about it a lot?

I don't get it. He thinks I'm pretty, we talk everyday and he's admitted that he talks to me the most out of everyone everyday, he trusts me with a lot of his personal problems that he doesn't tell his guy friends, he literally has no other female friends or girls he's talking to, and he's told me he likes me like everything is right. Does he just not like me or does he really mean it when he says he doesn't want a girlfriend right now? Everyone is telling me he is stringing me along.


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  • There are two opti

    • ... options here. One, he could be "stringing you along unintentionally because he likes the idea of dating you but isn't really sure if he actually wants that. The other option is that he really would date you but he doesn't want to date at the moment, like he said. He could w getting over a break up or just be focused on school, or maybe it's something personal. With the second option, it has nothing to do with you, it's a personal thing. He would probably love to date you but isn't ready to get into anything.

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    • Thank you! :)

    • Hey, thanks for MHO! I've had a crappy day so this made it better :)

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  • Odds are he's just not ready to be committed. You can always move on and find another guy if you're impatient.

    • But I don't get why he would continue to be there for me emotionally, like he's so emotionally involved but we don't do anything physical and I thought that's what most guys would want from a relationship. What I mean is he basically acts like a boyfriend in the emotional aspect but he won't kiss more or anything.

    • Very strange. Does he know you want that?

    • Yes he does. I don't know it's beyond complicated at this point.

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