Is it okay to date multiple people before committing to one?

Usually I tend to date only one person at a time before we call each other officially exclusive. Lately however, I've been thinking of changing it up and opening myself up to the possibility of seeing multiple people at once.

I don't see any harm in it, early on in dating it's only a casual thing and chances are there's nothing really sexual happening. On my part, if anything heavy happens early on then it's not going to last long anyway.

The only thing I'm really worried about is getting into an awkward situation where one girl I'm seeing accidentally runs into me on a date with another girl, or if I get asked if I'm seeing other people.


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  • There's no harm (well, minimal harm if you play safe) as long as everyone knows what the situation is. If I were doing that, I'd want to make a clear distinction between "dates" and "dating" and "monogamous." Make sure they know it's a really casual thing until you're more serious about it :)

    There's no reason you can't be up front about it when you're asking for that date - something like "hey, had fun with you last week. I'd like to go XYZ with you, if you'd like another casual date." And if someone wants clarification, tell them you're not feeling like super serious dating, but that could change if things go well.

  • Yes, but watch your step.

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