Any guys prefer tall girls over short ones?

Seems like most guys prefer the latter...

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  • Most guys I know, myself included, find tall girls to be ideal of beauty. I'm tall and prefer a girl to be tall as well. Tall girls just look so majestic and charismatic. Kissing, dancing etc. is easier too.


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  • My definition of the words - short - average - tall
    Short - 4'11-5'4
    Average- 5'5 - 5'7
    Tall 5'9 - 6' +

    4'11 all the way to 6' for me really but above 6' as in taller than I am is gonna get weird lol

    Remind me the herculean girls I used to arm wrestle with back in grade school.

    • So you're just gonna leave out the 5'8 girls? How sweet.

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    • LMFAO! totally looking my past

  • I'm 5'9 I want a girl that is 5'8-6'2 tops ^^

  • Yes. Tall but preferably still shorter than me

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