Is always best to tell when you like someone?

So I like my bestfriend but I'm like 95% sure she doesn't like me, although sometimes she does things that makes me think she does. But if she does she's very good at hiding it. Anyway is it always best to tell because I feel like it could make the friendship awkward for both of us of she doesn't feel the same, also were in the same friendship group making it even more awkward if she doesn't feel the same. also what would be the best way to say it without all admitting my love haha


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  • I suggest giving subtle hints and leading up to a day to tell her just don't go hey I like you. Compliment her and just figure out a way to tell her that suits you but is not going to end up being embarrassing cause we there she says yes or no it might end up being talked about. I wish you luck oh and by the way Girls do tend to fall for guys they feel comfortable with such as guy friends


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  • Telling is always a good thing to do. Science has shown that people increase their liking of someone else if they know the other likes them.

    Just know there are different ways of telling.
    I would not advice the direct verbal way ("Hey, I really like like you)

    We communicate 80% with body language, 15% tone... so only 5% actually comes out of your mouth.

    Use subtle cues to communicate your interest, but keep her guessing if you like her or not.

    • how would you suggest this?

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    • No she is interested in me and my life but she never likes asking about other girls and sometimes I think it's coz she does like me and doesn't wanna hear it coz I've seen she can get jealous when Im witth other girls but I don't know if she's purely jealous that she's not getting my attention or because she's jealous since she could like me

    • Just bring the topic of ideal girl/guy up.
      Just because you haven't talked about it before, doesn't mean you shouldn't/can't