What does it mean when a guy wants to know if your friends know about him?

He wants to know if they know that we're "together," that we sleep together, what I tell them.. Why?

Does it mean he's vain (wants to be talked about positively) or is he trying to find out how you feel about him?


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  • Normally guys want to know this because they want friends to know , he wants you to show him off. Don't worry it's absolutely normal. Mine does this too. Just tell him your close friends know and that you dont talk about who you sleep with to your friends. But say that in a way that makes it sound like you don't sleep around because the way I described it sounded a bit like that ☺️ Good luck !

  • It means, most likely, that he wants to know if you like him enough to tell your friends about him. It's the step between sleeping together and making it official. At least it is in books and according to friends