Pof & tinder, what am I not getting?

Is it just me or is even trying to talk to women becoming ridiculously difficult & is pof & tinder absolutely pointless. You try make a conversation & you never get a reply when it's just asking "hey how's it going" & the only 2 replies I got out of I don't know a 1000 was "yh u" & the other one got abusive because I spoke to her & we didn't even know each other. Girls under 30 seem hostile & have no time for anyone. Is this just me experiencing this? Please ladies check out my pof profile & tell me what's wrong with it, because I can't figure it out.

Fair answers guys, glad it's not something I'm doing wrong because it does make you feel a bit shit about yourself. Thank you to everyone who answered.


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  • With online dating women can be more superficial than they could normally get away with in person so it's harder for guys to really get a good thing started. Some never have any luck with dating sites. Some just get lucky. I met my fiance on POF.

    • why do you think that is? about women being more superficial? just thought I'd ask.

    • Because they don't necessarily have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings. They have so many options on those sites so they have the freedom to pick and choose what they do and don't want and it almost always starts with the physical features and goes from there. I mean, guys can be the same on dating sites as well but you're just asking about the girls on there.

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  • I never had any luck on POF after months and months of trying. no one EVER responded which is not only a little sad, but it makes ya feel like you are unwanted lol. I've never tried tender so I wouldn't know.

    • Don't feel sad the prob is mostly guys do the messaging and most girls just wait so they end up having tons of messages so many times most guys get overlooked cause a girl can only talk to so many guys at a time. Trust me last time I was online I'm 1 day I had already 8 pages of messages. Guys can't feel sad... Just the cons of online dating for guys.

  • That's why online dating sucks. All the top guys are able to message ALL of the women in the average-above average range. By comparison, any guy that doesn't look like Channing Tatum gets the boot.

  • baically don't expect too much from hook-up applications dude!

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