Am I being too pushy? or just overthinking?

The followings are the texts 1 hour after our first date went well.
I think I was being too pushy.

Me : Hey, I'm home :)
Me : It was really a pleasure to meet you and I had a great day.
Her : Oh cool :) I had a great time too. Thank you for paying haha. Next time it's on me!
Me : Maybe :P Let's do something fun next time, like watching a movie, or going to a park
Me : Today was fun, but it will be more fun :)
Her : Okay that sounds good, depends if there's good movies haha. It can only get more fun haha
Me : Yeah I will look for movies we should watch, you look for theaters :)
Her : Mmmkays, should I look for theaters that we can meet halfway?
Me : Lol it's up to you
Her : I'd feel bad if I make you drive over here haha. I know you say it's okay xP but still
Me : Alright XD
Me : When will be a good time for the next date?
Her : Maybe next Saturday?
Me : That sounds great :)
Her : Awesome:)

please share your thoughs on this :/
I know getting the "dating" card too early is playing a risky game but I don't really know if I was being pushy or not..

sorry for couple grammatical errors

*The followings are the texts we had 1 hour after our first date went well.

*please share your thoughts on this :/


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  • thought you were a little pushy in telling her to go ahead and look for theaters when she didn't really seem dead set on that idea. but on the plus side she seems really nice and into you. she wants to impress you which is a good thing

    • I should be more careful next time :/
      Thank you for your answer, I feel relief now.

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