Why do I feel out of love? What is wrong with me?

I'm posting this on my sisters account lol 😂---
I was with her for a year, she was my best friend in the world & the most special person I've ever met. She put up with all my crap, was incredibly supportive of me no matter what, we were each other's first everything & I was CRAZY about her. I've had depression since five months into our relationship & when I first was diagnosed I freaked out & over thought everything about me and her & I broke up with her but realized it was a huge mistake & we got back together. Since then my depression comes in phases. I'll be good but then for a few weeks or so I'll just get really bad & all I want is to be alone, so I don't talk to her but she is understanding. Recently I've felt like abosolute hell (probably bc of something with winter) & feel so messed up and overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. I've been feeling out of it and not feeling me and her for a couple weeks while I've been feeling so crappy. I freaked out again & broke up with her bc it feels like things have changed & I don't feel in love with her, but we haven't even had a problem in so long.. I've felt so insanely depressed lately & am trying not to think about things. There's no one else, I just can't handle being in a relationship right now. But I get so sad thinking about her dating someone else. I saw her for the first time since this yesterday & we laughed & joked around & I told her I want to be friends & hangout, because I do. I just wanted to keep hugging her and it was so nice seeing her. I was so crazy about her before I started feeling so depressed again. I don't think therapy is working, what's wrong with me? Is this because of me being really depressed? I don't want her out of my life but I don't want to string her along because what if I don't get better? Do I really love her but just can't feel it now?


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  • the problem is that you are depressed of course. but i believe you shouldn't hang to her too much, and i do believe that you need your time. i think you should try reading and doing sports and looking at the nature and beauty. trust me, i have severe depression and anxiety but i feel better whenever i listen to "What a wonderful wold" or other old songs. also John Lennon's Imagine. i feel good when i walk and stare at the sky and people. also when i read. i always read. so i believe you should tell her you love her but that she deserves to have a person who isn't depressed and tell her you can't be able to give her what she needs.