How do I go up to a girl I'm not sure likes me, and take my chances?

There's this girl I like, and we've got one period together, but she sits all the way across the classroom, and I barely ever get to talk to her, not to mention what to talk about, since we don't have like, any past shared experiences. When I'm with my best friend, who she's familiar, with, she usually sneaks up on him for fun, and totally ignores me. I just transferred there a few months ago, and I've been crushing on her ever since. I'm hoping to get into a relationship and go with her to prom next year. I've never dated a girl before, and don't really have any dating experience. How do I go about this?

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umm. "... and I don't really have any dating experience."
Come on, guys, please gimme some pointers on how I could approach her... She's talking with her friends most of the times I see her in the hallway, and I can't seem to get any chance to approach... ;(


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  • of course, you may always have a chance with any girl the surprise of her answer is the most nerve wracking part but also could be the best. Be hopeful, be outgoing, don't need much a few minutes of courage. best of luck :) (start out slow if you're worried about it )


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