Is baldness in a 20 year old guy (as in shaven to the skin) unattractive or a deal breaker for girls the same age?

Since I was 18 my hair began thinning from a scalp condition. So at 19 I took a plunge and shaved it to the skin. I've tried being confident with it but I know looks do factor in for people I'm no different-and can't blame a girl for thinking the same. And I just really think that most girls this age wouldn't give thought to dating the bald guy, not saying they'd ignore him or be rude but just that, if a girls attractive and I like her, she can easily have plenty of guys WITH hair at this age so they'd do a whole 'I'm not a fan... But someone will be!' line to me, I'm sorry if that's sounding condescending but I'm tired of hearing it. I feel like for women below thirty this will really be a turnoff. So young women would you date a bald guy? (Keep in mind it's shaved not balding) could you even be attracted to one at this age? Honesty, even if it's negative is appreciated if it's respectful. Before you post really consider if one approached you at a party or on the street and was showing interest and what you'd truly say.

  • A shaved bald head isn't a turnoff or deal breaker for me, I could date a bald guy
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  • It's a turnoff generally but I may be able to get past it
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  • Couldn't get past the no hair at this age sorry
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  • Sorry, but bald guys kinda repulse me
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  • Where is the "it is fucking hot" option?

    Honestly, I might get some hate for this, but girls have no idea what they like or want a lot of the times. Tons of girls say they would never date a bald man, then drool over them. The way they think is "I don't want to be the type of girl who likes bald men" so they say they don't, but their loins say differently.

    Even if they don't like bald men, you know what is less attractive than baldness? Insecurity. Just be confident in your shoes and whatever you hair, or lack-thereof, looks like will be considered hot. That is how female psyche works (in most cases)

    • I believed that and hope it holds true still. But celebrating your 20th with a chromdome and never having really had a serious girlfriend, feels like its sealing the deal. I still have my pride and standards intact and as proof I have confidence otherwise I'm one of the youngest skydivers in my state. But seeing axe ads, or reading about guys on other sites who say they used to get very attractive girls and had to shave and got nothing (keep in mind that's what they said) from young women after that kills you. And insult to injury the condition that caused the loss was developed when I got medical exhaustion from a period when I was trying to prepare for college and my father passed so being the only I had to stay back for mom for a year. Yes I'm a good guy, I've got serious balls when it comes to it, I'd treat a girl right if I was attracted to her, but 20 with no hair and basically no experience, just seems like the coffin is completely nailed.

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    • Don't let your hair define you, that is stupid and kind of pathetic, own it and, and you will be surprised as to how many women will run up to you and say "mmmm can I touch it?"

      I've chosen to shave my hair off on multilple occasions and I have a head full of hair. I have gone from completely bald to hair bellow my nipple in length, and I have learned that no matter what hair style I had, certain women responded well. I never cared what their opinion was though, I just like changing my style. Confidence is key, and just because you are 20 doesn't mean shit. You are still young as hell. My friend is 25 and just started going bald, and that is precisely when he got his first girlfriend, and laid for the first time. Don't let your hair define you.

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  • I'm also balding, so I shave. I tell people that balding is a medical condition, but shaved is a lifestyle choice. Sounds like your hanging with the wrong crowd, there are plenty of attractive guys who shave Vin Diesel comes to mind. Besides F 'em if they don't like it, tell them you do, and rock it the best you can.

  • Tupac was bald and he turned pretty alright.