Tips for first time dating?

So I'm sort of interested in asking girls out for dates; I haven't done it before (but I do plan to in the near future). Are there any tips or advice I should know? Or do I even need advice for this?



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  • talk to them for a bit, get to know them, and maybe ask if they want to grab coffee or lunch sometime. then you could maybe move onto dinner. (I'm assuming you're in college by the age but I can't be sure.) Make sure you don't lead them on. and if they keep talking to you, and agree to a date, don't be questioning whether they like you. Most girls I know would kindly turn a guy down if they didn't want to go out. And if they say they are busy, maybe offer a different time. If every time they say they are busy, there's a possiblity that they really are, or you might just want to cut your losses and move on.

    • oh, I like that!

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    • so how would I find out if a girl is single or not without directly asking her? my friend told me to invite her to go the movies or hangout or go somewhere together, and if she hesitates or gives an excuse, that tells you everything. But I find that this might be too strong for someone i just met.
      I'm trying to go along with the coffee/lunch thing, but you know, like I don't want to find out she's taken when we're already there you know?

      So what if i said: "do you want to get some coffee or lunch together sometime?" and she hesitates? I think that would indicate she's taken right?

    • It doesn't indicate that she's taken if she hesitates, she could just be unsure. And maybe she's just not interested. If she says she's busy. get her number. You can always stalk her on Facebook later, and find out.

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  • Google and read some articles about dating :/
    that's what I did..