Why is it that every girl I like is seeing someone? Am I actually just a creeper and they say that or what?

I don't understand this back in high school the girls literally chased me and now even when I try I can't get any decent girl to show interest. Its not like im looking for a lot or expecting sex right away not at all i'm looking for someone to hangout with, travel with, workout at the gym with, get to know each other and so on but I just can't make it work. Its very frustrating cause everyone seems to be in a relationship and I can't even get a date with someone. I feel hopeless honestly

Please note I am not really into single moms not to hate but the added responsibility is to much for me I don't think I could handle it. I'm not looking for only 9's or 10's either honestly i'd take a 7 looks wise, I mean personality matters more really. Maybe i'm meant to be alone forever who knows


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  • Is this a question? What you want us to do about it lol. It doesn't matter if they really have a bf or not, they're not attractive to you so you got rejected. Simple.

    High school is high school. Welcome to the what-happen-after-highschool party! Girl after high school probably have higher standard or whatever so yea.

    • @1GuyOpinion it doesn't help that I didn't date anyone in high school so now its like I am light years behind and nobody will give me a chance. I'm just curious if any girls will have advice or a question that would answer what i'm messing up. Like none have slapped me or told me to go away they always keep talking and smile most times so its weird as fuck.

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  • Look harder and chat up a girl who you encounter in the places you usually like to hang out


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  • Girls that you like have options and you can't beat the competition. That's what's happening.

    • @Fugue I have no dating experience so how am I suppose to win... I can probably kick their ass that's the only thing I have going for me really.

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    • @Fugue Well man I hit the gym 5 days a week, i'm slowly going bald that is the way it is, i'm loyal, fairly rich, pretty hung and caring for family and whatnot. Some people just don't know a good thing I guess.

    • To really make a difference in the gym you'd have to take steroids and other enhancers. Even then, it would only be a slight improvement. You have to be born a certain way to be good looking. That's just the truth.