Women what do you think of this idea for relationships?

I was reading a thing about ways of strengthening your relationship and it mentioned something called a "love list" or something like that.

It is basically where you make a romantic list of things that each of you can can do for the other to make each other feel wanted/appreciated/special and let each other know that you care. Things that make you feel most appreciated and wanted because everyone has their own preferred type of affection

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  • Women what do you think of this idea for relationships?
    B. No

    It's not my style I find guys that do what I want or I'll let the guy know what I want. I don't really care about a guy's love list I'm not interested in fitting/accommodating him.

  • It's a good idea... one I'd never do, but it's a good idea lol

    • Why would you never do it

    • I have the emotional range of a teaspoon. Diving that deep into my emotions is just too complex for me lol

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