Boyfriend has stopped initiating contact and dates lately except to say good morning and goodnight What gives?

Until a week ago, my boyfriend of 5 months and I seemed to be getting closer. He initiated most of the dates and he began wanting to see me every other day. I almost always sleep over after our dates. Then I slept over 4 nights in a row. By the 4th day, he said he was feeling like we were spending too much time together. After I left his house, I waited for him to initiate contact because of his comment. After 3 days, nothing. So finally I messaged him that I hadn't heard from him in awhile. Was he ok? He wrote that he hadn't heard from me too and was ok, was I ok? I told him good and that we ought to do something soon. That I would leave it up to him since he had felt we were spending too much time together. 4 hours later, no answer. He was all over the group chats though. So I assured him I wasn't looking for a confrontation, just wanted to know if he was interested in doing something soon, or wanted to stop seeing me altogether, or talk about something that was bothering him? He wrote that he was "collecting his thoughts because he didn't want to subject me to his raw stupidity" and that he did want to see me soon. I wrote ok and 4 hrs later asked him when he was free. I told him I was going to an early morning event (for a hobby we're both involved in.) He was enthusiastic about joining me. I spent the night, and we wound up hanging most of Sat. He kept finding excuses to see me longer. But ever since parting ways, he has only initiated contact to say "goodnight beautiful /good morning" with the same cutsey emoticons. But compared to before, we're barely talking. He shares events that happened when I ask about his day, but the convos are so short. After 10 min, he replies with one word or leaves mid convo. It's Mon and he has made no mention of seeing me again. I initiated plans last time. So confused. Is this just a weird but normal phase with guys? Or has he lost interest?


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  • It appears he feels like the relationship is one sided. He feels like he does all the work. He thinks you never want to contact him. I'm not saying you aren't doing anything I'm just saying he thinks that. That's why he made the remark about not hearing from you when you said that to him.


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