Im really hurt?

My fiances family is going on a fam vacation this summer and I'm not invited. I think its ridiculous considering I'm engaged to my fiance and I am going to marry the guy. A fiancé is family. I don't understand why I'm not either I see his family weekly and I always thought I was close to them and they considered me family. They are renting s condo at the shore and my fiance said there is plenty of room for me to stay and they know I can afford it. My fiancé and I are baffled as to why they are leaving me out. I feel really hurt about the exclusion and I am thinking of talking to his mom about it to see if I did something to offend them. My fiancé said he isn't going to go if they continue to leave me out of this trip but I don't want him to miss out. I have always been invited to family things so why all of a sudden am I being left out?


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  • How long have you been engaged? Maybe they want it to be an immediate family trip? I could see if you were his official wife and they didn't invite you, I'd personally be hurt by that.

    • I have been dating him for 4 years and we have been engaged for 6 months but I don't think how long we been engaged makes a difference. What if we never got married and we been together 10 years or 20 would it be OK to leave me out? I just thought they considered me family I have been around them every week just about since we started dating it just seems random to leave me out all of a sudden when I'm always treated like part of the family. Its not like I'm just a gf of 6 months I'm about to be married to this guy so they should get used to having me around and not exclude me right before we are about to get married. Its rude to not only me but my fiancé who gets put in the middle.

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    • It doesn't matter what I say. You seem overly defensive. Just ask his mom, not me.

    • Well I'm going to ask his mom but I'm asking you what you mean by me changing the family dynamics.. I mean I am going to be part of the family and if they believe I make the dynamics not so good then i have to find that out so my fiance can talk to them. That's not a good thing

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  • @Keyspirits someone needs some luv


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  • That is strange. Maybe they're planning a surprise for you? I would be hurt too. What does your fiancé say about it?

    • He said he isn't going to go unless they invite me because I am family too

    • Good for him! You're going to be his wife so he most definitely should stand by your side.