I met a guy on tinder... HELP please?

I met a guy on tinder and he looks like a good person.
We chatted for two days and was to meet on Friday .(He used the word, Date.)

And... I googled him and searched him on Facebook. (Yeah I know... A little creepy lol)
There was a company's page he's working where many pictures were uploaded.

One of them was introducing members of company. On his picture, it was written that he is a true husband... Husband? What?
I'm shocked. If he is married, why is he using Tinder?
It was uploaded on April last year.

Is it better not to meet him?
I already unmatched with him on Tinder but he knows my number.


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  • Most likely to cheat I heard tinder is mainly used for hooking up so there is your answer.


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  • you can still meet him but bring it up definitely or even just ask by sending a message... the question is if he was divorced would you still want to be with him?


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  • maybe just ask him, I don't know how tinder works

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